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magic_photo_editor-Magic Photo Editor

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magic_photo_editor-Magic Photo Editor introduction

magic_photo_editor Hi friends, the first photo editor to meet you in 2022 is here! Magic Photo Editor is a simple and easy-to-use photo processing App. Do you want to know what it can do? Then look down.

『Photo Editor Module』

💖Basic Editing Of Photos
~Crop: Cut pictures according to various proportions;
~Rotate: Rotate the picture in all directions;
~Toning: adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of the picture.

💎Useful Gadgets
~Brush: You can choose the thickness and color of the brush, and write on the photo freely;
~Photo Frame: Choose various styles of photo frames to dress up photos;
~Mosaic: Use mosaic to protect your privacy.

『Magic Tool Module』

🌟Retro Signature Photo
~Just enter your name and click the start button to turn the photo you selected into a retro style. The photo frame will be written with a wonderful love poem and your signature;
~Print out this signed photo and give it to your lover. This will be an unforgettable surprise, trust me.

👀Old Photo Repair
~Take out the old photos you have collected and use this AI smart tool to repair them;
~Firstly, old photos will become clearer and more real;
~Secondly, old photos will be colored, beautiful colors will make old photos come alive;
~Finally, the resolution of the old photo will be enlarged to make it easier for you to print it.

✨Photo Enhancement
~One-click to enhance your photo, automatically beautify it;
~AI intelligent processing, do not ignore every detail, make it better.

👉Emoticon Editor
~Every time I take a picture, there are people with a frowning face? Don't worry, use this tool to make him happy;
~Supports four expressions: smiling, laughing, pouting, unhappy;
~AI intelligent processing, the processed photos are natural.

🔥Portrait Manga Style
~Turn photos into Japanese manga style & retro cartoon style.——Uploaded by the user

magic_photo_editor Description

Download Magic Photo Editor 1.7.3 MOD APK for Android, com.picture.magic.imager

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magic_photo_editor Magic Photo Editor

  • Version:1.7.3 _ Size:33.8MB
  • Category:Video Players & Editors Apps _ Publisher:Zachary Holt
  • Requirements:Android 5.0+ _ Publish Date:30/05/2022
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